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The DOMOS Network can recommend advisers that can provide advice on art sourcing for private clients. We can also recommend established and up-and-coming artists, collectors, selected galleries and dealers. 

Our Network of experts also assists with auditing and cataloguing fine art collections for personal, estate or insurance purposes. They collate all available information, including provenance, sales history, shipping, insurance, import/export, details of previous owners, imagery and conditions reports. This includes an appraisal of the collection ensuring all insurance valuations are current.


Sourcing Fine Art

  • Artist

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  • Your Budget

  • Agree to our Terms and Conditions

You can provide this information in the online form below or email

Contact us for more information - email: or Tel: +44 (0) 77 1937 0000

Please note: we do not buy and sell art. We are a non for profit network.


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