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The DOMOS team of advisers provide advice on art sourcing for private clients. We have close working relationships with established and up and coming artists, collectors, selected galleries and dealers. Through these valued relationships, we can advise on how to source the best blue-chip art available or have a work of art commissioned.

We also collaborate with interior designers, developers and architects sourcing the finest quality art for their projects whatever the budget or size.

We also assist with auditing and cataloguing fine art collections for personal, estate or insurance purposes. We collate all available information including provenance, sales history, shipping, insurance, import/export, details of previous owners, imagery and conditions reports. This includes an appraisal of the collection ensuring all insurance valuations are up to date.


Sourcing Fine Art

  • Artist

  • Period

  • Your Budget

  • Agree to our Terms and Conditions

You can provide this information in the online form below or by email to


As soon as we receive this information and retainer, we will source the artwork on the client's behalf. When a suitable work is sourced, we will then conduct due diligence on the artwork. When the client is satisfied, the transaction will proceed.

Contact us for more information - e-mail: or Tel: +44 (0) 77 1937 0000

Please note: we do not buy and sell art.


Fill in your personal details and click next to continue with your request for us to assist you to source art

Meet The Team

ty B+W.jpg
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Ty obtained a Law degree and LPC from BPP University. He has a background as an art and asset advisor specialising in Due Diligence in art and passion asset transactions and valuations

pandora B+W.png

Pandora Mather-Lees

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An Art Historian and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Pandora’s career includes over 20 years at Board level in the cultural sector. She is also an expert on art on superyachts

roger snip.jpg

Roger Stiles

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Roger is an art surveyor and valuer. He is also an art econometric modelling art market analyst and investment consultant. He is very adept at spotting over/underpriced art and antiques


Angelina Giovani

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Angelina is an art historian and provenance researcher focusing on research on art and passion assets. She is also a provenance expert for the CAfA, The Court of Arbitration for Art

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