Picasso, who is one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. His creations are among the most coveted artworks for many private collectors, family office collections and museums around the world. Picasso’s paintings have commanded huge prices at auctions, and private sales and this trend it seems is set to continue.

Picasso Periods

  • Blue Period (1901–1904)

  • The Rose Period (1904–1906)

  • African-influenced Period (1907–1909)

  • Analytic Cubism (1909–1912)

  • Synthetic Cubism/Crystal period  (1912–1919)

Fine Art is now considered as an alternative asset class by many private collectors, family offices and wealth management firms and Picasso works are among the most desirable acquisitions for many.

Picasso works include paintings, ceramics, lithographs, prints, drawings, sketches, sculptures and more and while many of his works are sold for millions. Many of his works can be acquired for thousands as opposed to the millions depending on the budget.

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