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Experts on the authentication of art by Picasso


There is a particular process to go through to have the works authenticated by Pablo Picasso. Please note there is only one expert that is recognised by the Art World, and while there are many companies offering certificates of authentication, they are not legitimate and are worthless.


When establishing weather a painting is by Picasso, an expert will research the provenance and history of the work. Once an entire package is compiled, we will present it to the leading expert for the specific artist to establish authenticity.

To move forward with the authentication of a work by Picasso, the following information is required. 

  • Full name (first and surname) of the owner or agent 

  • Complete postal address.

  • Phone number (country + area (and or city code) + number)

  • E-mail address

  • Image of the Artwork (Back & Front)

We then require the following:

  1. Two black and white (professional quality) photos of each of the artwork without the frame or glass. The size requires is 15 cm x 20 cm with a white margin of 3 cm around the photograph of each of the paintings. (physical photographs)

  2. One high-resolution colour digital file of the artwork "RECTO-VERSO". This is a double-sided photograph taken without the frame or glass. This must be put on a CD or USB key.

  3. The precise measurements of each of the work.

  4. Any details about such as provenance, previous owner, photographs of any labels on the back of the paintings or on the stretcher, copy of any invoices. history, origin, etc.

Those documents and information are essential to the process and must be written in English. Without the correct information there may be a delay.

Call us on +44(0) 77 1937 0000 or email us:



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