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Appraisal of Art and Chattels

DOMOS Advisors Network assist HNWI private clients, Solicitors, bankers, advisors and family offices by providing access to experts who conduct appraisals and advice concerning art collections and chattel valuations. Experts provide historical price research on tangible assets, including art, antiques, architectural salvage, classic cars, aircraft, watercraft, jewellery, fine wine, collectables, memorabilia, residential contents and Crypto/IP from estates of any size. 
We can also locate experts who can assist with various aspects of collection management and valuations, coordinate directly with solicitors and family members, and oversee every aspect of a valuation, addressing the needs of executors, solicitors and other professional advisors. Valuations from specific experts are essential for high-value items as there is a substantial risk of misattribution, which lead to unreliable and low valuations. 

Please drop us a line on or call +44 (0) 77 1937 0000

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