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DOMOS NFT Copyright Investigation Unit

NFT Solutions provides full service to our clients regarding the copyright issues involved in ("NFTs") non-fungible token products.

The NFT Market's explosive growth in what is now being referred to as the next gold rush has seen a deluge of pirates counterfeiting NFTs become increasingly common.

There are several solutions, including AI-powered IP protection. However, such AI programmes need data to compare an NFT. This can be challenging to do.

We investigate NFT piracy issues of products such as Fine Art, such as Picasso's Works. We recently appraised the Picasso Administration of several pirated NFTs of Picasso works.

The NFT marketplace is currently valued at over $10bn. The pirates and scammers inevitability follow and can mint NFTs of almost any product on the NFT marketplaces without challenge.

This is where our NFT Copyright Investigative service comes in. We rigorously investigate, initiate legal action when need to be, transfer all NFT property to its legitimate owners and shut the pirates down.

Please email us if you have a NFT Copyright Issue - E:  T: 077 1937 0000

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For the Neebies:

What Are non fungible tokens?​

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic tokens that represent something unique. Non-fungible assets are those that are not mutually interchangeable. Non-fungible tokens contain identifying information that makes them unique. Unlike Bitcoin – which has a supply of 21 million identical coins – they cannot be exchanged like for like.

It is clear that non-fungible tokens are extremely powerful and hold immense promise. They are exceptionally flexible instruments and appeal to an innate human desire to own rare and unique items. The uses cases are endless, limited only by developers' imaginations.


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​If you would like to discuss or explore this exciting technology in more detail, contact us for more information - e-mail: or Tel: +44 (0) 73 0819 0819


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