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With a 100% success rate, we have many satisfied clients from all over the world that range from Billionaires to wealthy families and family offices, lawyers, solicitors, galleries and more. Here is what some have to say about DOMOS services.

Mitzi Perdue

One of our clients is Mitzi Perdue, the daughter of the Co-Founder and President of the Sheraton Hotel Chain and a member of the Perdue Farms dynasty. She is running an art auction for the Global Anti-Trafficking Auction (GA-TA) - Mitzi says “The purpose of our art auction is to raise funds and to raise awareness for organisations working against human trafficking.” She adds, “Ty Murphy's expertise in deep level due diligence  and valuations are a critical part of this effort. We know he makes sure everything is 100%.”

Es Revellar Art Resort

Another of our clients is one of the largest private art collectors in the world. Roberto Alcalde is a Philanthropist and Founder of the Es Revellar Art Resort in Mallorca, Spain. Mr Alcalde said “We have over 2600 works of art at the Es Reveller Art Resort, due diligence in art transactions  and valuations are essential to us in so many ways. Ty Murphy is a specialist in this area, and we use his services because  he is the very best at what he does. He lets no stone unturned when conducting due diligence and is always one step ahead.”

David Lewis: Solicitor London

David Lewis is a Solicitor with over forty years of professional experience. Mr Lewis said, “During my 40 or so years of serving clients, I utilised various services provided by DOMOS over the years. The services have always been highly professional, competent and accurate.”

David Sfara: Private Client Lawyer

David Sfara is an attorney with offices in Connecticut and New York and represents high net-
worth individuals. “Ty Murphy and DOMOS Advisors are at the head of the pack in dealing with practical and immediate issues and in providing historical perspective, surveys of the current landscape and advice regarding future trends.”

Cameron McMillan:  Art Gallery Owner

McMillan & Sons Fine Art. Cameron McMillan said: “We have regularly utilised the services of Ty Murphy and DOMOS. Simply put, the valuations by the team are very accurate, and the due diligence services are the best around.”


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DOMOS Fine Art is the proud sponsor of Art and Museum Magazine an international Fine Art Publication. Art & Museum is a supplement for Family Office Magazine, a publication dedicated to Family Offices and the ultra-wealthy

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