"Fine Art favours Due Diligence"

The art market can be quite complex and is unregulated for the most part, therefore it is crucial to get the right advice when considering buying or investing in art.


DOMOS are the creators of "The PAM Test" initiative. This is a comprehensive checklist the enhances our ability to assess potential transactions when clients are buying or investing in fine art. Applying the PAM Test involves Investigating the People the Art and the Money on all art deals. The checklists are crucial for the in-depth due diligence process on art transactions so any risks associated with buying or investing and in fine art can be minimised on behalf of our clients.

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As Art Advisors, we represent the Clients interests and not our own and always give unbiased advice. We are completely independent from art dealers and galleries and are not affiliated to any auction house. As Art Due Diligence specialists, we research and obtain as much information as possible about an art transaction, the artwork that is under consideration and the buyer or seller. This also includes due diligence on issues such as provenance and attribution, historical analyses, forensic examination, price research, collection management, insurance, storage, free ports, insurance, transportation, and so on.

The art world has many fakes and for the unsuspecting collector or investor, it can be a minefield. It is wise to take precautions. A simple question will sum this up. Would you buy a Private Jet, a yacht or Property without conducting due diligence or getting reports from the respective experts? The art-world is no different, get the right advice and minimise the risks as you would do with any other asset.

"It is imperative that the client understand that an "Art Adviser" works for the client and have a duty of care to you only. However,  many Art Dealers, Art Galleries and Auction Houses have no such obligation and have to sell you their inventory. An art adviser should always double-check everything to ensure you are getting the right art at the right price and art that has no issues". Ty Murphy Art Specialist

Ty Murphy is an Art Specialist with over 25 years of investigative experience and is an adviser to the Online Picasso Project and the Modigliani Institute. He speaks at many international events on the topic of Due Diligence in Art Transactions and the PAM Initiative.

Our Clients

With a 100% success rate, we have many satisfied clients from all over the world that range from Billionaires to wealthy families and family offices. Here is what they have to say.

Mitzi Perdue

One of our clients is Mitzi Perdue, the daughter of the Co-Founder and President of the Sheraton Hotel Chain and a member of the Perdue Farms dynasty. She is running an art auction for the Global Anti-Trafficking Auction (GA-TA) www.GA-TA.org

Mitzi says “The purpose of our art auction is to raise funds and to raise awareness for organisations working against human trafficking.” She adds, “Ty Murphy Art Advisory expertise in deep level due diligence is a critical part of this effort. We know he make sure everything is 100%.”

Es Revellar Art Resort

Another of our clients is one of the largest private art collectors in the world. Roberto Alcalde is a Philanthropist and Founder of the Es Revellar Art Resort in Mallorca, Spain.

Mr Alcalde said “We have over 2600 works of art at the Es Reveller Art Resort, due diligence in art transactions is essential to us in so many ways. Ty Murphy is a specialists in this area and we use his services because he is the best at what he does. He lets no stone unturned when conducting due diligence and is always one step ahead.”


Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to our clients and is always maintained. We operate internationally and are just a call away. +44(0) 20 7193 8870 Mob/Cell +44(0)73 0819 0819 or drop us an email info@domos.co.uk

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