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Elevating Spaces with Bespoke Art

Innovative Art Advisory Services for Commercial and Residential Projects

At DOMOS Art Advisors, we specialize in transforming spaces through the power of art. Our Art Advisory Services are meticulously tailored to curate, develop, and deliver unique artwork concepts for distinguished commercial and residential projects. We believe that art is more than just decoration; it's a crucial component in defining the character and soul of a space.

Collaborative Expertise in the Design Sector

Our approach is deeply rooted in collaboration. Working closely with interior designers, architects, urban designers, landscape designers, and building project managers, we ensure that our art consultancy services align seamlessly with each project's vision. Our expertise in handling diverse artwork briefs makes us a trusted partner in the design sector.

Utilising Art for Creating Spaces and Narratives

In recognising art's significance in shaping spaces, our goal is to craft environments that nurture a feeling of unity and pride within the community. The art we select not only elevates the visual charm of a place but also acts as a medium for storytelling, embedding each location with its own legacy, significance, and distinct identity.

Our Process: Conceptual Development to Installation

  1. Concept & Development: We coordinate with clients and design teams to conceptualize and integrate art seamlessly into your design, advising on budget, aesthetics, style, and more.

  2. Procurement: Following the agreed brief, we source and commission artworks, oversee their production, and manage logistics from shipping to payment coordination.

  3. Selection: We carefully select artworks that align with the conceptual vision and budget, presenting comprehensive design documentation for client approval.

  4. Installation: In the final stage, we manage the installation process, ensuring the art is displayed correctly and harmoniously within the space.


Experience the DOMOS Difference

Discover how DOMOS Art Advisors can elevate your space with art that resonates. Whether it's the vibrant Picasso Art Collection, a unique residential project, or a landscape project with Kusama Bronz Pumpkins, we bring our expertise and passion to every endeavour.

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Connect with us to start your journey towards an art-infused environment.


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DOMOS in the News

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DOMOS in the News with CNN​


CNN article: Hidden Picasso nude revealed and brought to life with artificial intelligence.


Our DOMOS Picasso Specialist, Ty Murphy, comments on this ground-breaking story on CNN


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DOMOS coverage with NBC News​


NBC News Article: From a hidden Picasso nude to an unfinished Beethoven, AI uncovers lost art — and new challenges. A recent recreation has drawn global attention and praise and landed the two students behind the AI project in potential legal trouble.


Our DOMOS Picasso Specialist, Ty Murphy, comments on NBC News


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