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Acquisitions - Appraisals - Authentication


DOMOS Art Advisors places a special emphasis on the Due Diligence process, advising clients to conduct thorough due diligence before buying art, antiques, or NFTs. As the Art and Antiques market is largely unregulated and complex, it is essential to seek the right advice when considering investments in these areas. There are many fakes and counterfeit items in the market, making it crucial to take necessary precautions.

We represent our clients' interests and always provide unbiased advice. We are not affiliated with any art dealer or gallery and do not have any association with any auction house. We believe in maintaining complete independence and transparency in our services.

Private Client Valuations are also a part of our services. We offer assistance to private clients, lawyers, solicitors, bankers, advisors, and family offices by providing appraisals and advice concerning art collections and chattel valuations. Our work includes comprehensive historical price research on tangible assets such as art, antiques, architectural salvage, classic cars, aircraft, watercraft, jewellery, fine wine, collectables, memorabilia, residential contents, and Crypto/IP from estates of any size.

At DOMOS, we work with renowned industry experts in forensics, art scholars, and art historians when evaluating art or assets. We ensure that any works under consideration by our clients have full provenance and history. Our services are designed to provide you with a secure and reliable art investment experience.

For anyone looking to invest in Fine Art, NFTs, or Antiques, DOMOS Art Advisors is your go-to partner. We offer the expertise and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of the art market, and we take pride in our commitment to our clients' interests. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


Our services:

  • Sale and Acquisitions

  • Auction Representation

  • Authentication of Art and Assets

  • Appraisals of Art and Assets

  • Conservation of Fine Art

  • Provenance Research

  • Forensic/Scientific Examination

  • NFT Copyright Investigation

  • Collection Management

  • Legal Issues

  • Insurance/ Title Insurance

  • Safe Storage

  • Crating/ Shipping/ Transportation

  • Framing / Art Installation/ Lighting

Due Diligence


No Fine Art without Due Diligence

We conduct thorough due diligence on any art that a client may be seeking to acquire or to sell. Our stringent due diligence process includes compiling as much information as possible on any specific artworks, the participants to a transaction and the monetary transaction.

Contact our experts for assistance or advice:

Telephone +44(0) 77 1937 0000 Email:

​We are not art dealers or brokers and do not buy or sell art

DOMOS in the News

Here are some news items that DOMOS has contributed too


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CNN News Logo

DOMOS in the News with CNN


CNN article: Hidden Picasso nude revealed and brought to life with artificial intelligence.


Our DOMOS Picasso Specialist, Ty Murphy comments on this ground-breaking story on CNN


See link for the story: CNN Story 

For interviews, articles or commentary on the Picasso AI story or any other Picasso or art related story please call  +44(0) 73 0819 0819 or email

NBC News Logo

DOMOS coverage with NBC News


NBC News Article: From a hidden Picasso nude to an unfinished Beethoven, AI uncovers lost art — and new challenges A recent recreation has drawn global attention and praise, but also landed the two students behind the AI project in potential legal trouble.


Our DOMOS Picasso Specialist, Ty Murphy comments on NBC News


See link for the story: NBC News Story 

For interviews, articles or commentary on Pablo Picasso,  AI or NFT art please call  +44(0) 77 1937 0000 or email

Testimonials - See our testimonials page. (click here)

With a 100% success rate, we have many satisfied clients from all over the world that range from Billionaires to wealthy families and family offices, lawyers, Museums, Solicitors and Galleries.


Here is what some have to say about DOMOS.

Mitzi Perdue

One of our clients is Mitzi Perdue, the daughter of the Co-Founder and President of the Sheraton Hotel Chain and a member of the Perdue Farms dynasty. She is running an art auction for the Global Anti-Trafficking Auction (GA-TA) - Mitzi says “The purpose of our art auction is to raise funds and to raise awareness for organisations working against human trafficking.” She adds, “Ty Murphy's expertise in deep level due diligence  and valuations are a critical part of this effort. We know he makes sure everything is 100%.”

Es Revellar Art Resort

Another of our clients is one of the largest private art collectors in the world. Roberto Alcalde is a Philanthropist and Founder of the Es Revellar Art Resort in Mallorca, Spain. Mr Alcalde said “We have over 2600 works of art at the Es Reveller Art Resort, due diligence in art transactions  and valuations are essential to us in so many ways. Ty Murphy is a specialist in this area, and we use his services because  he is the very best at what he does. He lets no stone unturned when conducting due diligence and is always one step ahead.”


We are just a call away: +44(0)77 1937 0000 or drop us an email

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