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The art market can be quite complex and is unregulated for the most part, so it is crucial to get the right advice when considering buying or investing in art.


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As Art Advisors, we represent the Clients interests and not our own.  We are not art dealers nor art brokers. The role primarily involves researching and obtaining as much information as possible about an art transaction, the artwork and the buyer or seller. It also includes due diligence on issues such as provenance and attribution, historical analyses, forensic examination, price research, collection management, insurance, storage, transportation, and so on.


The art market has very little regulation to speak of and for unsuspecting art buyers or investors, it can be a minefield. One of the most common issues is unscrupulous brokers or multiple undisclosed intermediaries who put large commissions on art deals. This is a term that is referred to as “top ending”. The art world also has many fakes and for an unsuspecting collector or investor and it is wise to take precautions.


Would you buy a Private Jet, a yacht or property without conducting due diligence or getting reports from the respective experts? The art-world is no different, get the right advice and minimise the risk as you would do with any other asset. This is why taking advice from DOMOS art advisors is important as we will conduct due diligence that will protect the interests of a client.


DOMOS is a London and Monaco based group of International Art Advisors that specialise in "Blue Chip" art by modern masters such as Picasso, Lichtenstein, Modigliani and others.

"It is imperative that you, the client understands that an "Art Advisor" works for you and has a duty to you only. However,  Art Dealers, Art Galleries and Auction Houses have an obligation to themselves and will sell you their own inventory.


DOMOS Art Advisors give unbiased advice that is entirely independent as we guide our clients through the process of acquiring fine art so they can they fully understand how the art market works. We advise clients on what works are available and which art may be suitable to add to their existing collection or assist with the creation of new collections.

We work with UHNWIs. Family Offices, Private Banks, Wealth Managers, Legal Firms, Estate Planners, Executors and Insolvency practitioners.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to our clients and is always maintained.

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If you would like to discuss any of our services, please feel free to contact us in full confidence via email or use the contact for on our contact page.

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We are partners with a key event in the winter calendar for art and antiques. The Winter Art & Antiques Fair takes place from 5-10 November at Olympia London. With an impressive line-up of the UK’s leading dealers, you can find quirky gifts, create stylish interiors and find all the inspiration to start your own collection. From the modern and eclectic to the classic and traditional discover everything from diamonds to dining tables and from clocks to ceramics. You can buy truly one-off pieces from famous names such as Lalique, Matisse, Meissen, Cartier and Boucheron. As well as, furniture dating from the 16th century to 20th century, Art Deco furniture, you can also uncover beautiful jewellery, ceramics and decorative objects, Asian antiques, textiles and carpets, glass, mirrors, silver and art from old masters to contemporary.

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