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NFT Solutions for our clients.

NFT Solutions provide a full service providing advice to our clients on the issues involved in ("NFTs") non-fungible token products and services and digital currency investment vehicles. NFT Solutions is also a conduit for private buyers and sellers of NFTs and NFT market participants.

We believe that the NFT Market is poised for explosive growth in what is now being referred to as the next gold rush is primed to drive the transformation in the way we do business, buy or sell products or services and how we identify ourselves. Innovative technologies and platforms such as Ethereum, IdPlizz, Dragonchain and CryptoKitties have presented the opportunity to our clients to get in on this revolutionary technology while it's still in the early stage.


What Are non fungible tokens?​

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic tokens that represent something unique. Non-fungible assets are those that are not mutually interchangeable. Non-fungible tokens contain identifying information that makes them unique. Unlike Bitcoin – which has a supply of 21 million identical coins – they cannot be exchanged like for like.

It is clear that non-fungible tokens are extremely powerful and hold immense promise. They are exceptionally flexible instruments and appeal to an innate human desire to own rare and unique items. The uses cases are endless, limited only by developers' imaginations.

Recent Developments


  • Digital artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, sold an NFT at auction with Christie's this week for a record $69.3 million.

  • Musician Grimes has also raised $6 million by selling several pieces of digital artwork at auction through NFT marketplace Nifty.

  • The band Kings of Leon just released a full album as an NFT

  • But perhaps the most popular manifestation of this new artform is NBA Top Shots. The NBA teamed up with Dapper Labs to create NFTs of plays from NBA games.

  • To date, Dapper Labs has sold more than $278 million in 'moments,' according to the crypto tracker, Crypto Slam.

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