Over the past few years, the art market is booming for Blue Chip Fine Art. This art is always in high demand and there is no indication that this is going to change in the future. There is hardly a day goes by without hearing about auction records being set for "the highest price ever paid for such art."

While the headlines are prominently about high end and blue-chip art, you can collect works from artists such as Picassos, Chagall or Dali on a reasonable budget. This puts fine art within reach of the art enthusiasts and seasoned collectors alike.

Fine art transactions can be in the millions, but on a lower budget, you can also collect ceramics, lithographs, prints, sketches, drawings, paintings, sculpture and more. Whatever your budget is, you can find something to match it.

However, its the rarity of art that gives it its value. An original will always be worth more than a print. We always advise clients if you are buying or investing in fineart of any kind; the number one concern should always be "Due Diligence". Never invest or buy art unless you conduct the same level of due diligence as you would with other assets such as property, yachts, classic cars or jets.


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